Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Get Crafty

Mixologist Charles Joly wants to stock your fridge


You may never flip a bottle like Tom Cruise.
You may, however, channel your inner Charles Joly (a.k.a. America's Best Bartender) for some serious at-home cocktailing.
Meet your bartender in a bottle, Crafthouse Cocktails, a custom line of pre-batched concoctions using the same fresh juices and fine spirits that Joly mixes at The Aviary.
Say you're throwing a backyard bash and the usual six-pack of brewskies isn’t going to cut it. Slice up some limes and pour the bottle of Moscow Mule over ice and you have the most refreshing burger chaser on the market.
Now it’s you and your lady getting cozy on a picnic basket. What's in your glasses? It’s the gin-based Southside with a cooling combination of mint, pure sugar cane, and lime.
Next on the docket for this bottled booze on sale at your local Binny’s is a tequila-based Paloma. It will be your sidekick for one final summer rager before resigning yourself to the more sobering fall.
Of course, it might be a wee bit less sobering if Wrigley's half-billion in renovations included some cocktails.

Crafthouse Cocktails

Price: $20
Available at: Binny's Beverage Depot; Goddess & the Grocer; Olivia's Market

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