Sunday, January 25, 2015

Conflict Resolution

Where you need to be each day at Lolla


Life is full of conflict: Cubs v. Sox, Anthony Weiner v. Twitter, royal babies vs. Kardashian babies.
And with 150+ bands packed into three days, there’s bound to be some conflicting acts vying for your attention at the same time during Lollapalooza.
Since you can’t be in two places at once, leave it to us to settle the biggest daily conflicts.
FRIDAY: Hot Chip v. Flux Pavilion
Through five albums of indie dance pop bliss, Hot Chip has earned our respect with catchy hooks in a synth pop jungle complete with introspective, dreamy vocals and flugelhorns. On the other hand, ignoring manic South London dubstep impresario Flux Pavilion as he shoots out blazing EDM to speeds between 138-142 beats per minute is next to impossible.

The winner: We love Hot Chip and former LCD Soundsystem guitarist Al Doyle, but we gotta give this slot to Flux Pavilion. Collaborators Jay-Z and Kanye can’t both be wrong.
Hot Chip: 7:25-8:25p, Lake Shore Stage. Listen
Flux Pavilion: 7-8:15p, Perry’s. Listen

SATURDAY: Death Grips v. Supreme Cuts
The violent madness of noisy experimental hip-hop act Death Grips, with a shirtless and ripped MC Ride terrorizing the mic with brutal intensity, is a sound unlike anything we’ve ever heard. On the other hand, rising local stars Supreme Cuts are an act everyone is soon to be talking about thanks to their psychedelic/juke-flavored take on turn-of-the-millennium electro R&B.
The winner: While both acts are original as hell, nothing can match the visceral intensity of seeing Death Grips live. Supreme Cuts’ time will come, just not yet.
Death Grips: 7:15-8:15p, The Grove. Listen
Supreme Cuts: 7:45-8:30p, Petrillo Stage. Listen

SUNDAY: Major Lazer v. Beach House
After a long weekend of pounding EDM, the hazy dream pop and grandiose, lull-inducing molasses-meets-Ambien vibes of Beach House might be just what the doctor ordered. On the other hand, the club-ready lewd clash of Anglo dance music and African reggae/dancehall displayed by the full-on dance party that is Major Lazer is a highlight of any festival experience.
The winner: Depending on how hungover we are, we gotta think we’re gravitating toward Major Lazer. Any band with its own hype man must be worth checking out.
Major Lazer: 7-8:15p, Perry’s. Listen
Beach House: 7-8p, Lake Shore Stage. Listen

Friday, August 2 — Sunday, August 4
Grant Park, 400 S. Columbus Drive, Loop
Price: $295 and up here
Subway: Red Line to Harrison
Nearby: Congress Hotel; Lou Malnati’s; III Forks

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