Saturday, January 31, 2015

Man Down

Father-son bonding over cigarettes and Schlitz


Golf clubs? World's Greatest Dad mug? Please.
Give dad what he really wants this Father's Day by taking your old man to one of these top old man bars.
Richard’s Bar
About that smoking ban… well let’s just say that these guys don’t exactly understand the word “ban.” And it’s a good thing, because when you're discussing your latest mob hit or bookie debt over a cold Old Style at this closet-sized dive, you don’t want people to see your face.
491 N. Milwaukee Ave., River West (312-733-2251)
Whirlaway Lounge
Dad meet Maria, Maria meet Dad. She will remember your name, your drink order, and what color socks you're wearing even though she's been slinging her signature power margaritas down the warped wooden bar for 40 years. So the old man should feel right at home.
3224 W. Fullerton Ave., Logan Square (773-276-6809)
Mickey’s Tavern
Illuminated Old Style signs? Check. Mounted fish? Check. This hole-in-the-wall under the Kennedy has all the charm of drinking on the side of the highway, if said highway was serving up $3 martinis, free hot dogs on Sundays, and a jukebox full of Traveling Wilburys.
2345 N. Leavitt St., Bucktown (773-394-3037)
Old Town Ale House
Regulars are honored here not with complimentary shots of whiskey, but with old-school portraits of local greats from Belushi to Ebert in the style of street caricatures. Split a Father's Day dinner of potato chips, pitchers of beer, and jazz on the juke. Like the good Lord intended.
219 W. North Ave., Old Town (312-944-7020)

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