Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Summer Break

Take a recess with these nostalgic summer cocktails


Remember adolescence?

Growth spurts. Spurts of all sorts. A general fear for your future, past, and the truth being exposed: that you actually liked this song.

Luckily, you survived, and a boozy retrospective is the perfect way to reflect on a beautiful sunny day. Here are our favorite nostalgia-inducing cocktails perfect for summer. Just don't overdo it and go running toward the piano.

Zima at Billy Sunday
The year is 1993. Guys rock khaki sports coats with the sleeves cut off over a V-neck t-shirt. What's in their hand? Zima, of course. Relive 90210 with a sophisticated take on the cult classic malt beverage. The cocktail is made with gin, bottled in-house, and is better than anything you ever scored with a fake ID.
3143 W Logan Blvd., Logan Square (773-661-2485). $8 or six for $40.

Seasonal slushies at Drumbar
Give a bartender a slushy machine and he'll give you the most dangerous concoction of the summer. Tasting nothing like the innocuous stuff you once bought at 7-11, these seasonal slushies are jam packed with booze. Currently the machine churns out a deadly combination of Bacardi 8, mango, lime, and chili.
$13. 201 E Delaware Pl., Gold Coast (312-943-5000)

WET Deck lemonade at WET Deck
There was nothing more refreshing than a cup of lemonade from the curbside oasis known as the lemonade stand. Sip the way more grown-up version made with blueberry vodka, lime juice, and fresh squeezed lemonade (pictured) on the rooftop patio overlooking Navy Pier — instead of your parents' garage.
$12. 644 North Lake Shore Dr., Streeterville (312-943-9200)

The Mexanese at Ice Cubed
The sound of the ice cream truck used to be enough to make you drop whatever you were doing and run directly into a busy street with no regard for your life. Now it takes a bit more coaxing. Does a food truck selling iced coffee with Kahlua, white chocolate, and matcha popsicle with Maldon salt do it? Only one way to find out.
@ice3truck. $9.

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