Saturday, January 31, 2015

Date Book

How to get (or keep) a girlfriend by fall


Summer: it ain't just baseball season.

It's dating season.

Whether you're a bachelor juggling Tinder, OkCupid, and the patio bar at
Parson's, or a happily love-swept couple on Year Three, your playbook can always use some new pages.

Here are four can't-miss dates, whether you're just getting started or in the home stretch.

Logan Square Night Market
Take that vegan hipster with the fake glasses and cut-offs to the new night market debuting in Logan Square on June 26. The market is held every Wednesday, so she can shop for local asparagus under the stars while you count the steps to the nearest bar.
5-9p. Palmer Square Park (Palmer St. and Sacramento Ave.), Logan Square

Ping Pong at Ada St.
In the mood for some healthy competition? The hidden backyard of this off-the-beaten path restaurant and cocktail bar (pictured) features a grill and a ping pong table. It’s like your favorite neighborhood hangout without the nosey neighbors. Let her win, and you win later.
1664 N. Ada St., Wicker Park (773-697-7069)

Pinball at Headquarters
Snag a nerdy girl and impress her with a trip to the new pinball room at this Lakeview beercade. This is a place where the games are free, the vodka tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the lemonade is spiked with Campari, fresh lemon, ginger, and beer. Game, set, match.
950 W. Wolfram St., Lakeview 

Dinner, Drinks and a Show at City Winery
The first winery in the city has a bit of everything, not the least of which is plenty of booze. Go for dinner, stay for a live band, and never leave the massive patio (unless you're heading back to Parson's). CW also hosts winemaking classes so the two of you can get your hands dirty in a sexy vat of vino.

1200 W. Randolph St., West Loop (312-733-9463)

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