Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Roots

The drink you loved as a 6-year-old now requires ID


It's no longer a sugar high. Your childhood fantasy of getting tipsy on root beer is at long last an adult reality.

Thank two local wizards brewers, who after tons of trials (and no doubt, cavities) finally created alcoholic root beer, which contains up to 19.5% ABV.

Here’s your guide to getting your root beer buzz on.
Sprecher Brewing Company: Bootlegger’s Bourbon Barrel Hard Root Beer
The adult take on this popular Wisconsin craft brewer’s gourmet root beer soda did so well in its initial small-batch run that it’s now ramping up for full production. Combining their old-fashioned fermented root beer with bourbon and oak flavors in an industry standard 5% ABV, this beer makes any kid’s birthday party infinitely more bearable.
$5 per 4-pack. Available in late April at all Cook County Binny’s locations. See full list here.
Small Town Brewery: Not Your Father’s Root Beer
Consider yourself warned: This Wauconda, Illinois-based microbrewer is going big with the nation’s second-highest beer alcohol content with the 19.5% ABV version of adult root beer (it also comes in a slightly less stupefying 10% ABV version). NYFRB is now on tap at several bars throughout the city, including Lockdown Bar & Grill, where the menu carries an “EXTREMELY POTENT” warning and the beer tastes (and looks) just like root beer.
$8 at Lockdown Bar & Grill, 1024 N. Western Ave. (773-451-5625). View full bar list here.

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: ROOT
Rather get drunk on root beer cocktails? Pennsylvania-based craft distiller Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction has you covered with ROOT, a root beer flavored liquor with hints of black tea, cinnamon, and nutmeg perfect for taking your next root beer float to boozy new heights. Consult their website for adult old fashioneds and juleps recipes for a root beer mixology party that would make A&W blush.
$34.99 for 750 ml bottle at Binny’s, 1132 S. Jefferson St. (312-768-4400). See full list of where to buy here.

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