Saturday, January 31, 2015

Up In Smoque

"Smoque" up in Chicago's first e-cigarette lounge


While stoners are opening marijuana lounges in Denver and Seattle, Lakeview is opening a different kind of smoking lounge.
And no, it’s not a hookah lounge.
It’s Smoque, Chicago’s first electronic cigarette shop and vapor lounge where you can smoke without, you know, smoke.
How does it work? First you charge your brightly colored cigarette-style device in one of the chargers provided on site, which heat up the custom "e-juices" inside.
Your options are listed on a giant chalkboard in a lounge setting of chairs and Ottomans with huge windows overlooking the street.

Blended on site, e-juices come in more than 30 flavors: from banana caramel to champagne apple to mountains of do — the latter of which, yes, tastes like Mountain Dew.
Belly up to the long wooden bar and sample as many flavors as you want without smelling like a bonfire or a smoky old man bar.

We wouldn't be surprised if these were coming to breakrooms everywhere in the not-so-distant future.

2900 N. Broadway St. (between Surf and Oakdale), Lakeview
(773) 904-8885

Nearby: Avenue Tavern; Cesars; Troy Grill

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