Thursday, January 29, 2015

Crazy Train

A slice of CTA life at Greenhouse Theater's El Stories


Dudes dancing in capes. Drunks passed out on the floor. Old ladies carrying live chickens in their purse.
This is what it’s like to ride the El in Chicago.
And you can see these stories come to life in the Greenhouse Theater’s El Stories, a late-night comedy show based on real-life stories from real-life commuters.
Adapted verbatim from hundreds of first-person interviews,
the Waltzing Mechanics perform the most memorable and hilarious El encounters on a simple stage of chairs and metal beams fashioned to look but, thankfully, not smell like an El car.
There are guys in Blackhawks jerseys fighting in headlocks and pouring beer on each other along with passenger make-out sessions, group waltzes, and plenty of hand sanitizer in a show the Tribune deemed “Best of the Fringe.”
And, at the end, you’ll get the chance to tell your story and have it played back to you by the 12-member cast if they pull your name from a hat.
We suspect you already have plenty of material. If not, you know where to find it.

El Stories
Greenhouse Theater Center, 2257 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Park
(773) 404-7336
Price: $15 here
Subway: Brown, Purple, Red Line to Fullerton
Nearby: Wise Fools Pub; The Apartment; Bacchus

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