Friday, January 30, 2015

Opening Pitch

What's new at Wrigley and U.S. Cellular Field this season


While it remains to be seen whether or not the Cubs and White Sox are stepping up their game on the field this year, off the field they’ve got it covered.
From a bevy of new menu items at U.S. Cellular Field to a Zubaz party in the Wrigley bleachers, here’s your Rundown on what’s new this baseball season (and we're not referring to Wrigley's pending facelift):
White Sox: Stadium-Wide Food Festival
In a true Chicago-style commitment to gluttony, the new Comiskey Burger combines toppings from the classic Chicago Dog (peppers, relish, diced tomato, and onions) with a relish salsa creation called "Chitown Pico" atop a massive double or triple cheeseburger.
Adam Dunn's Texas roots come to Comiskey by way of a Frito Pie clone, the Walking Taco. It's just you and your fork vs. a bag of Fritos, soaked in stadium nacho cheese and chili.
And let’s not forget a new craft beer stand and an arsenal of new beers including Henry Weinhards, Batch19, Third Shift, Blue Moon Agave Blonde Ale, Redd’s Apple Ale, and Two Brothers Ebel’s Weiss.
Cubs: Season-Long Party in the Bleachers
Because you'll overwear them around the neighborhood, Theo and Co. are giving away t-shirts announcing you are “single and ready to mingle” during Singles Night (Aug 1), when the bleachers turn into a keg party.

You can also win a raffle to throw out the first pitch at Social Media Night (Aug 21), where you’ll also have access to a pre-game social event with members of the Cubs social media team. #howlovable

And for one last reason to get crazy in the bleachers, mark your calendar for the first inaugural Zubazpalooza (Sep 23), where fans will receive a pair of Zubaz pants in official Cubs colors.

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