Sunday, February 1, 2015

Spring Training

Get in shape for drinking season at these new spring bars


Drinking season.

It’s like football season, minus the football. Gear up for summer with training camp at these four new bars that'll keep you in rare form.
American Junkie 
It’s been a while since you developed a new vice. How about a smoked pork belly flatbread addiction? No back alley dealings required, as these are served in American-made wood booths at this industrial chic American flag-themed bar (pictured). Most American of all? A huge 16-foot HDTV to watch games.
15 W. Illinois St., River North (312-239-0995)
Howells & Hood
If anyone can outdrink you, it is a journalist. Belly up next to a reporter at this new bar in Tribune Tower. With 120 beers on tap, choose from Solemn Oath’s Kidnapped by Vikings, Revolution’s Bottom Up Wit, Half Acre’s Gossamer and quite a few others before enjoying massive city views on the fire pit-equipped outdoor patio.
435 N. Michigan Ave., Magnificent Mile (312-262-5310)
Central Standard
Just when you think Chicago ran out of things to dedicate bars to, someone decided to make a time zone-themed bar. It’s called Central Standard and is about all things in the central time zone — old Route 66 signs, cow art, 20-oz. bone-in ribeyes, and New Orleans Sazeracs paired with housemade charcuterie.
169 W. Kinzie St., River North (312-527-9463)
Brewstone Beer Co.
Domestic beers, flatscreens, and high top tables. It’s back to basics at this bar whose taglines is “steak, burgers and beer." Sounds like they have the basic food groups covered for a successful training regiment. Round it out with seared ahi tuna or bacon-wrapped filet mignon to keep you in top fighting condition.
414 N. Orleans St., River North (312-464-9456)
Photo courtesy Francis Son

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