Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Presidential Suite

Book the "Presidential Experience" in Obama's Hyde Park home


Presidential suite? Please.
You may not get the nuclear launch codes, but you can now experience what it’s like to walk a mile in President Obama’s shoes — by wearing them.
Yes, you can now rent out President Obama’s six-bedroom Hyde Park home (vacant since the election), with the proceeds from your stay going to benefit the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.
First, you’ll slip into the presidential slippers and wear Obama’s actual robe before sitting down for morning pancakes imprinted with the presidential seal.

Slap a flag pin onto your suit before heading to the exact Oval Office replica, where you’ll receive a security briefing from a mustachioed David Axelrod look-a-like.
Then make your rounds haranguing reporters in the press briefing room, where Ed Henry and Jake Tapper impersonators throw questions your way.
After a few rounds of hoops, you’ll end the day taking a Bo doppelganger for a walk around the hood, where you might even stop to kiss a few babies.
Oh, and Happy April Fools' Day, Mr. President. We hope you have a good one.

A Night in the Obama Residence
5046 S Greenwood Ave., Hyde Park

Nearby: Museum of Science & Industry; University of Chicago; Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap

Is this a joke? Yes, it's April Fools'...

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