Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Mount Everest of Meals

Summit your supper at Baume and Brix


With yet another Die Hard announced, we're suddenly waxing nostalgic about elevator shafts.

Coincidentally, the chef’s table at Baume and Brix is located in just such a shaft.

Sell some Apple stock and bring the spare Benjamins for you and five friends to enjoy the best meal in the city. The high-altitude, multi-course gastronomic feast is prepared by none other than Moto and iNG alums. Seated in a former brick elevator shaft, your party of six is going nowhere, and loving every minute of it.

If your trust fund took a hit last year, there's always the regular dining room, opening this week on River North. A mountain of a menu awaits with small plates of burrata with pancetta and pumpkin seed brittle, as well as shared plates of whole pork shoulder that must be ordered in advance.

Hiding below ground you'll find a cocktail lounge with an upscale twist. There’s bottle service, of course, but don’t ask for cranberry juice mixers when they're slinging house-made syrups and tonics, the same used in their classic and modernized cocktails served upstairs.

You might want to save a little money for a sherpa to carry your satiated self home.

Baume & Brix
351 W. Hubbard St. (at N. Orleans St.), River North
(312) 321-0351

Price: 4 (out of 4)
Noise: 3 (out of 4)
Subway: Brown Line to Merchandise Mart
Scene: The elevated dining experience will attract an affluent crowd with a mix of Hubbard Street club spillover.
Best bets: Naked lobster; short rib; cookies and milk
Hot seat: Secluded chef's table located in the center of a renovated elevator shaft.
Nearby: Gilt Bar, Bavette's Bar & Beouf, Coco Pazzo

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