Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Top local Twitter feeds to follow now


Streamline your Twitter time by unfollowing that friend who keeps posting remixes of "Gangnam Style."  Show some love for local experts turning knowledge into tweets with our must-follow Chicago-based feeds (in addition to this, of course).

In addition to his clever handle, @SkyFullOfBacon knows a thing or two about the Chicago culinary scene. Catch the editor of Grub Street in conversation with chefs and other food writers.

For the bare-bones and need-to-know with a unique take on Chi-town sports, turn to the new website @ChicagoSide. Want unique? Try on "Fifty Shades of Epstein."

Is there any thing sexier than a curvaceous cup of beer? @GoodBeerHunting regularly posts beer porn pictures in addition to brew recommendation, events and behind-the-scenes shots.

You'd think a bartender would be too busy to regularly maintain a Twitter feed full of spiritual happenings. But @Local913 isn't just on it, he's mixing up an industry-centric feed full of must-see drink deals and trends.

When Chief Keef posts another photo of his extracurricular activities, @FakeShoreDrive will be the first to know — and the first to not care because they're too busy breaking music news with video exclusives.

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