Monday, January 26, 2015

Choice of a Nation

The Best of Rundown USA


While Team USA was taking home a slew of golds in London, the Rundown USA team was uncovering award-winning gems all summer long.

Here's the best of our USA edition -- they're each like little gold medals themselves (plus shipping and handling).

This boozy revelation is the world’s first sparkling water-based alcoholic beverage. Nearly odorless and tasteless, it’s basically indistinguishable from a glass of seltzer, with no alcoholic aroma at all.

LISTEN: Mixtape

Those hours spent hunched over a dual cassette deck are long gone, but now the lost art of the mixtape gets a 21st century upgrade with a custom-programmed MP3 player, tucked inside a cassette-shaped case.

TASTE: Lapka
How absolutely certain are you that those boysenberries from the co-op weren't grown on Monsanto Farm? Test the relative deadliness of your whole environment with the Lapka series of iPhone peripherals.

Swiss Mini Gun
You wouldn’t think that a pistol that fits comfortably in a teacup could kill somebody, but the Swiss Mini Gun is a fully functional revolver and barely two inches long. And it's as hilarious as it is deadly.

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