Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Second City Century

Chicago's top comedy troupe celebrates 100 shows

In the 100th episode of The Simpsons, Flanders becomes Bart's principal. In Family Guy's 100th, Stewie finally kills Lois.

Now Chicago gets our own celebration with Second City's 100th Revue: Who Do We Think We Are?

The famed sketch comedy troupe's 100th new show once again skewers politics and current events, with improv topics sold to the highest bidder.

In a new twist of Colbert Report-style super PAC satire, the cast no longer acts out scenes based on whoever shouts out the loudest improv topic.

Instead, cash is king, with actual donations collected on stage, much like (as the cast notes) the US political system.

After the bidding wars, the show goes on to depict a tough guy Obama in his second term setting out to be America's “blackest” president at a fast, unpredictable pace.

So just who do they think they are?

Future SNL cast members, no doubt.

Second City's 100th Revue: Who Do We Think We Are?
Tuesdays thru Sundays
Second City, 1616 N. Wells St., (at W. North Ave.), Old Town
(312) 337-3792

Price: $23-28 here
Nearby: Old Town Ale House; Burton Place; O'Brien's

photo courtesy Michael Brosilow

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