Sunday, January 25, 2015

Underground Eats

Grab a midnight snack and a ride home on Gravy Train


The question: grab a late bite or grab the last train home? 
The better question: why should you have to choose between them? 
And the answer? You don't, as long as you hop on board the T's new late-night dining car, the Gravy Train
Picture this: You've dipped out of your favorite bar downtown just after last call feeling a little peckish, and, of course, every place is closed. 
So you wait for the train, and as the doors open, your greeted not by screeching brakrs and the smell of fresh tar, but by sizzling steaks and the scent of fresh tarragon
Step inside and marvel at what a real dining car should look like: red leather seats, a long oak bar stocked with the proverbial "cold tea," and live performers -- as in a classy jazz trio, not guys break dancing for money. 
And before you can say "now arriving," you'll be noshing on small plates of Afghan-spiced lamb meatballs, duck confit crostini and miso-glazed short rib sliders, perfectly sized for sharing, maybe with the cute stranger before she gets to her stop. 
And best of all? No need to carry cash, just swipe your Charlie Card and your balance will be deducted accordingly when you arrive. 
"Coming back" is now the new "going out." 

Gravy Train
Thursday-Saturday 1-3a
Red Line Inbound and Outbound Trains
Price: 4 (out of 4) Noise: 1 (out of 4)
Best bets: Lamb meatballs; duck confit crostini; cold tea
Hot seat: Grab the seat by the window facing the car behind, so the drunk college kids can watch you in envy. 

Reservations: Good luck with that, because they're only available today on April Fools' Day

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