Monday, January 26, 2015

The Heat Is On

Get fired up for El Pelon's Hot Chili Eating Contest


We know you're not supposed to play with fire, but in this case, it's OK to make an exception. 
After all, a year's worth of free burritos is on the line. 
That's the prize, should you conquer El Pelon's Fiery Fifteen Hot Chili Eating Contest, with preliminary rounds starting this Wednesday. 
Heat? That's a movie with Pacino and De Niro. This is more like a gasoline-soaked Human Torch flying into the sun at full speed.

You have 15 minutes to eat 15 peppers, starting from mild and progressing to incendiary.
That's the easy part — keeping it down for another 15 minutes is where it gets tough. And that's just to qualify for the championship on May 7.
But on that day, as your eyes well up with tears and your face feels like it's about to melt Raiders of the Lost Ark-style, just know that the prize — a year's supply of burritos from El Pelon, an embarrassingly-large trophy and bragging rights for life — is all worth it.
Flame on.

Fiery Fifteen Hot Chili Eating Contest
Wednesdays through May 7
El Pelon Taqueria, 92 Peterborough St., Fenway
(617) 779-9090
Entrance fee: $15 here
Nearby: Church; Sweet Caroline's; Yard House

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