Monday, January 26, 2015

Dining Dash

Fire the oven and start your engines -- food truck season is back


We're not sure about you, but we're pumped for Opening Day. 

Fenway? Yeah, that should be good too. But we're talking Greenway food truck season, which kicks off April 1. 

With the release of
this year's Greenway Mobile Eats schedule, we profile the four rookie trucks you'll want on your fantasy food squad.

What It Is: The only vehicle-based dumpling house you'll ever need.
Why You'll Love It: Because yakitori (skewered meats) and gyoza belong in the street food Hall of Fame (which should exist, if it doesn't already).
What to Get: The "Animal Style" dumpling, a tribute to In-N-Out Burger's famous sauce-soaked creation
What It Is: This lowrider is carrying precious cargo: an enormous 6,000-pound wood-fired pizza oven. 
Why You'll Love It: Because co-owner Scott Riebling has been perfecting his Napoli-meets-New Haven cooking style for over 20 years, and we think he's got it down.
What to Get: The Buffalo chicken with mozzarella, pecorino romano, chicken, buffalo sauce, fresh garlic, and imported gorgonzola.
What It Is: Mobile exporter of Greek culinary masterpieces.
Why You'll Love It: Because "Soup & Gyro" sounds so much more interesting than "Soup & Sandwich." 
What to Get: Any of their rotating soup varieties, like lamb chili, veggie lentil, or fasolada (white bean and veggies).
What It Is: An authentic Manhattan deli on wheels, only more polite. 
Why You'll Love It: Because you like hard decisions, like choosing between overstuffed reubens, bagels with lox, or hot knishes.  
What to Get: The Bostonian sandwich, a 1.5 lbs.-plus beast of corned beef, turkey breast, and Romanian pastrami. 

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