Thursday, January 29, 2015

In the Cut

Korean tacos and fried chicken arrive InBoston


Lobster rolls from McDonald's. Clam chowder from Campbell's. A clean-cut "Yankee" shave.

There are certain lines that any self-respecting New Englander won't cross. 
But Korean tacos? We're all for it. 
And what would you name a place where you can find such delicious cross-cultural cuisine? Well, InBoston, of course.
Confused yet? It's not as crazy as it seems. First, they fry some chicken, American-style. Then they fry it again, top it with an insanely tasty blend of spices, and now it's Korean.
Then it goes into a tortilla with cheese and salsa, like in Mexico. That's right around the point when you stop caring where it's from and just savor each crunchy multi-cultural bite.
Further home study — as in a proper take-out box of fried chicken or a rice bowl — is encouraged, unless you can snag one of the handful of seats for a lunch break session that will open your mind to the untapped potential of the entire meats-in-tortillas industry.

But Doritos tacos? We're still not touching those.

85 Bedford St., Downtown
(617) 426-0785

Price: 1 (out of 4)
Noise: 1 (out of 4)
Subway: Red or Orange Line to Downtown Crossing
Best bets: Fried chicken; spicy chicken taco; bulgogi rice bowl
Nearby: JM Curley; Stoddard's; Silvertone

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