Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sweet Tooth

Find some chemistry with your date over chocolate cocktails


Jay-Z and Beyonce. They have a good thing going. 
Besides the whole multi-millionaire power couple part, they're still very much "Drunk in Love," if you believe Bey's hit song. 
And we think we've found their love potion: the glorious fusion of booze and chocolate, to be poured at Moksa's Chocolate Cocktail Dinner next Friday. 
Imagine a trip to the Wonka factory only to find out Johnnie Walker is running the place. Rather than a chocolate river, you'll receive warm glasses of Coco Nibs Whiskey Punch and a magical beverage called the Chocolate Kill Devil (rum and chocolate).
If the aphrodisiacs haven't kicked in just yet, they'll be on overdrive after the Truffle Me Not (tequila, ancho, cocoa, and spicy truffle dust) paired with spicy scallops (with white chocolate and wasabi drizzle) or grilled steak with rosemary chocolate sauce
Just make sure to have some Beyonce cued up when you get back home.

Chocolate Cocktail Dinner
Friday, February 21
Moksa, 450 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square 
(617) 661-4900
Price: $35. Call for reservations.
Nearby: Brick & Mortar; Naga; Phoenix Landing

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