Saturday, January 31, 2015

Storage 2.0

Stash your stuff sans commitment with Cubbyhole


The good news: you just got selected to work on a project in London for the next six months. Cheers!

The bad news: you need a place to stash your stuff while you're across the pond.

Now, more good news: You have Cubbyhole, an app that lets you instantly find storage space, anytime, anywhere, for a day, a week, a month — or longer, if you really take a liking to tea time.

So it's kinda like Dropbox, sans the cloud.

Download the app to your iPhone, and login using Facebook. Choose how long you want to store your stuff for — and what kind of stuff you’ve got. The app will alert you when a host is found, with instructions on how and when to drop off your stuff.

And... done. Now you'll feel good knowing your stuff is safe and secure while you're overseas belting out songs with strangers at a football game.

Now, more bad news: we don't mean American football.

for iPhone

Price: Starts at $3/day ($15 first day)

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