Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Boston Print Club wants to hang at your place


60" TV — check. WiFi speakers — check.

But while your living room is coming together, if you plan on having anyone besides your buddies over for Sunday football, you're not quite finished. 

To add that final touch of style, you need the Boston Print Club.

You don't need references or to pay annual dues, either. All that membership in this club requires is some wall space to hang your limited edition silkscreen print, crafted by Somerville (by way of Sydney, Australia) artist Elizabeth Corkery.

Released as a series of eight prints each, every collection — the first of which is available now, with more coming in June — fits a particular theme or concept, meaning you can pick up a couple for the living room and move your Pats posters to where they should be (see: behind the wet bar).

Don't be surprised if this results in a different reaction the next time your cute new neighbor stops in to borrow your iPhone charger. She'll appreciate the sophisticated artistic touch, and the way nature and structure interact to give depth and complexity to the image in the "Grid and Trellis" series, now available. 

Said all that? That's a great icebreaker, too.

Boston Print Club

$100 each

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