Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bowled Over

Our picks for Super Bowl game day grub


The bad news: Brady and the Pats will be watching the Super Bowl from home. 

The good news: so will you, with these appropriately super food options to choose from

Pig Out
Despite the nickname, a football isn't actually made out of pig skin. But if it was, it'd be delicious. For the real thing, gather 6-8 friends and order Craigie on Main's Pigskin Package, featuring roast pig's head and fried tails, served with two salsas, tortillas, and a quart of wild boar chili and corn bread for an extra $20. We can't bring you Peyton Manning's head on a platter, so this will have to do.
853 Main St., Central Square (617-497-5511). $75. Order thru Sat Feb 1. Pick-up Sun Feb 2 1-6p.

Sausage Fest
The biggest crime at this year's Super Bowl? No tailgaiting. Thankfully, you and your crew can still recreate the experience at home for the big game with a little help from Kirkland Tap & Trotter. Reserve your Super Bowl package, complete with six kielbasa sausages (plus sauerkraut, pickles, house-made mustards and brioche buns), two dozen green chili chicken wings (pictured), and from-scratch tortilla chips with guacamole and black bean dip.
435 Washington St., Union Square (857-259-6585). $75. Order thru Sat Feb 1. Pick-up Sun Feb 2 1-6p.

BBQ Bowl
If we were a 300-plus pound offensive tackle in the NFL, we know what we'd be eating: bulky meats, like those found in East Coast Grill's special Super Bowl package. You can mix and match your favorites — from North Carolina pulled pork, Texas sliced beef brisket, ribs, and spit roasted whole chicken — available a la carte, but don't quit your day job just yet.
1271 Cambridge St., Inman Square (617-491-6568). Pick-up Sun Feb 2 2:30-5p.

Mensch of a Meal
Considering the Super Bowl is in New York (ok, New Jersey, technically) this year, it's only right that you have a taste of the Big Apple at your party, and we're thinking of something a little more ambitious than pizza. Something like Strip T's Jewish Deli takeout package, featuring Tzimmes wingsmatzo ball soup, potato knishes, and plenty of corned beef, pastrami, and housemade dark rye for making your own Carnegie Deli-sized sandwiches — with mustard, Russian dressing, half-sour pickles, and pickled tomatoes, naturally. 
93 School St., Watertown (617-923-4330). $120. Order thru Sat Feb 1. Pick-up Sun Feb 2 1-4p.

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