Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Beats Go On

Do not adjust your stereo, let Beats Music do that for you


Trust issues suck. Especially music trust issues.

Because the last time you handed Pandora to your girlfriend she came back with a "Pitch Perfect" radio station, you've come to a realization.

You need a DJ with a Grammy. Maybe Trent Reznor. Or Dr. Dre.

They're both available to serve up tracks when you download Beats Music, the sleek and sexy new streaming digital music service entrusting music curation to legendary artists who'll never let you down.

Of course, it doesn't hurt when that library is huge, either. For a $10 monthly fee, you'll receive online and offline access (via iPhone, Windows phone, Android, or PC/Mac) to over 20 million tracks spanning every genre, meaning you'll never be stuck without tunes wherever you are.

But before you can say "Spotify," here's the kicker. After you fill in the blanks using the "Right Now" feature, Beats can automatically assemble playlists tailored to fit any combination of mood, place, activity and genre. 

For example: you're "on a yacht" and you feel like "partying" with "twin models" to "Italian disco." Press play. Then get to it.

And thanks to names like Dre, Reznor, and Pitchfork serving as your personal curators with playlists of their own, combined with a unique profile that learns your listening tastes and steers you towards relevant recommendations, your days of asking obnoxious record store nerds for tips are officially over.

Yeah, we don't remember life with radio, either.

Beats Music
Launches today for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone

Price: $10 monthly

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