Wednesday, January 28, 2015

State of Mind

Cold beer and fried apple pie at State Park


It's winter in New England. 

That means lots of snow, vicious battles for shoveled parking spots, and the collective questioning of why we all don't pick up and move south for the next few months.

Here's two reasons to stay. First, you'll definitely lose that hard-earned parking spot. And second, the south is coming to you — beers and BBQ in hand — at State Park, now open in Kendall Square.

Just to clarify, this Park is indoors. With central heat. And a jukebox, pool table, and shuffleboard. Plenty to get you motivated to dig yourself out a path straight from your door to theirs.

Then it's just a matter of picking out your reward — something off the beer-and-shot menu (Rosita triple sec and AVBC El Steinber) if you did it all yourself, or a cocktail pitcher (Cape Codder, Pimm's Cup) if you teamed up with neighbors.

Now there's just the small matter of getting back home (without stopping by sister bar Hungry Mother), which means pulling yourself away from a menu that proves what you've always believed: everything tastes better fried, from chicken to oyster rolls to pickled okra to apple pie.

Stay warm with plates of Kentucky hot brownhoppin' john, and Memphis BBQ spaghetti. Plus pitchers of Jack's Abbey Hopponius Union.

Hibernation has its perks.

State Park
One Kendall Square, Kendall Square
(617) 848-4355

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Subway: Red Line to Kendall
Best bets: Nashville hot fried chicken; Memphis BBQ spaghetti; fried oyster roll
Nearby: West Bridge; Bon Me; Commonwealth

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