Saturday, January 31, 2015

Stay Fly

Step into the arena at Flywheel Sports


You kicked ass at the gym today.

Really. Somebody should have been keeping stats. And then flashing them on a big screen while the in-house DJ turns up your victory song. 

Or better yet, just go to Flywheel Sports, now open in the Shops at Prudential Center.

If we called it a futuristic underground cycling club, you might not believe us. But that's not far off — you are in a mini-amphitheater riding custom indoor bikes that track your torque, power, and RPM stats and even create comprehensive fitness reports you can access online.

Give yourself some time to warm up — you've got 45 or 60 minutes per class, and the DJ is pacing himself. And you probably should too, given the climbs, descents, intervals and weighted-bar exercises in the workout ahead.

And track or not, this baby's a real race. Opt-in to the TorqBoard to get real-time stat leaderboards for the class.

Your prize isn't bike shoes or locker access: those are actually free for everyone. It's bragging rights, and an easy conversation opener for the pretty rider next to you who came in second. 

Hmm. Your stats there aren't bad, either.

Flywheel Sports
The Shops at Prudential Center (Belvedere Arcade), 800 Boylston St., Back Bay
(617) 300-0388

Nearby: Forum; Top of the Hub; L'Espalier

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