Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mei Mei, Myself and I

Rejoice! Mei Mei Kitchen outgrew its training wheels


Food trucks. They grow up so fast. 

One minute they're a bunch of kids running around town slinging scallion pancakes from the side window, the next they're all settled down in a permanent home with braised beef rice porridge slow cooking on the stove. 

Except we don't get misty-eyed when talking about Mei Mei Street Kitchen. Just hungry. 

After prowling the streets of Boston as one of the city's most celebrated mobile kitchens, Mei Mei drops anchor at new digs in Audubon Circle, just outside Kenmore Square.

That means upgrades: plates instead of to-go boxes, an open kitchen instead of a claustrophobic truck, metal-and-wood cafe tables to sit at instead of, well, the curb

But mostly it means you don't have to ask your assistant to rearrange your schedule just so you can grab a glorious scallion pancake sandwich, either The Double Awesome (Vermont cheddar, pesto, fried egg) or Fat Schantz (roast beef, potato salad, slice of apple).

And for starters, triple-fried beef dumplings with the finest locally sourced soy-ginger braised beef you've ever tasted. 

It's not too late to move your office so you can eat here every day.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen meimeiboston.com
506 Park Drive, Audubon Circle, Kenmore
(857) 250-4959

Price: 1 (out of 4)
Noise: 1 (out of 4)
Subway: Green Line to St. Mary's St.
Best bets: Beef dumplings; Fat Schantz; rice porridge
Nearby: Audubon Circle; Arc; The Elephant Walk

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