Sunday, January 25, 2015

Whisky Business

Where single malt whisky & Scotch go together better than ever


"Put. That Coffee. Down. Coffee's for closers only."

If you want to seal the deal, whether for business or pleasure, you should probably know your way around a Scotch glass. 

So when that big client is in town this week, go ahead and charge tickets to Thursday's Single Malt Whisky & Scotch Extravaganza as a business expense. Your boss will understand. 

Here's the plan: book the client a room at the Taj, then arrange to meet in the lobby around 7. You ease into some small talk over a peaty, smokey Scotch.

Now things are starting to flow, as in both the conversation and the wide range of single malt whiskies and scotches curated by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society for which you have unlimited tastings.

By now you're a few drinks in, so it's a good time to hit dinner from the gourmet buffet. Then maybe another smooth Irish single malt while you spark up a pair of premium imported cigars included with your tickets.

Then? Just extend your hand. The deal is done.
Pick up a complimentary copy of Robb Report on your way out. You've still got that corporate card, don't you?

Single Malt Scotch & Whisky Extravaganza
Thursday, November 21
Taj Boston, 15 Arlington St., Back Bay
(617) 536-5700

Tickets: $150 here
Nearby: Parish Cafe; Bistro du Midi; L'Espalier

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