Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Monday

Extend your weekend an extra night with these Monday events


Mondays have gotten a bum rap.

Where some people see it as the end of your days off, we prefer to look at it as the beginning of your nights out.

And if you're like us, you'll be checking out these events this Monday, while the weekend warriors go back into hibernation.

Flavors of Fall
The last thing you want to do after getting home from work on Monday is cook dinner. No problem — we know a few chefs (from Rialto, West Bridge, Harvest, and even the soon-to-debut Alden & Harlow) who would be happy to whip up some seasonal bites for you, with beer and cocktails provided by Brooklyn Brewery and Noir.
6:30-8:30p. Regattabar at The Charles Hotel, 1 Bennett St., Harvard Square (671-661-5000). $75-125 here.

Mick Dundee Challenge
The only thing more masculine than downing pints and watching the Pats play on Monday Night Football? Underground fight clubs. Head to this one, where they swap punches for pies (big, hearty, manly meat pies, mind you), as a dozen local chefs compete for Boston's bragging rights. Bonus: they'll likely have the game on, too.
8-11p. Lincoln Tavern, 425 West Broadway, South Boston (617-765-8636). $40 here.

Gary Clarke, Jr. 
Here's one scenario: Wake up Tuesday morning and hear from all your friends about how awesome the Gary Clarke, Jr. show at Royale was last night. Now here's a better one: Get ahead of the curve by scoring a couple of tickets to the sold-out show on StubHub. Then you're the one telling everyone how good the Texas bluesman is in concert (short answer = "still awesome").
7p. Royale, 279 Tremont St., Theater District (617-338-7699). $40 and up here.

Run Lola Run
However bad your Monday is, it's gotta be better than Lola's. She's only got 20 minutes to come up with close to 70 grand or her boyfriend's short career in the Berlin mob is over (as in, he's dead). If only she had math professor Dr. John Geddes to explain the nuances of chaos theory to her, as you do after the movie, it might be a little easier.  Eh, boyfriends are overrated anyway.
7p. Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St., Coolidge Corner (617-734-2500). $9 here.

Photo credit: Paul R. Citone

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