Monday, January 26, 2015

Gather Yourself

Recover from this eventful week with a hearty meal and hair of the dog in Fort Point


It's been one helluva week. And it's only Wednesday.
First, there's the small matter of the Red Sox and the World Series. Assuming of course the games don't give you a heart attack before then, there's Halloween tomorrow night
Once you figure out how you got home Thursday night (and how she got there), start the road back to normalcy at Gather, the newest addition to Ft. Point's thriving restaurant scene. 
Soak in healthy sunlight through the wall-length windows overlooking the channel. Then turn to Cisco Whale's Tale draft or one of 12 bottled beers just to take the edge off. 
As you start to come around, your appetite should come back, too. That means it's time for a few small plates: a hearty bowl of Quahog stew, some char-grilled octopus, and roasted duck tacos perhaps (they go great with a glass of malbec). 
Now you're feeling good, like maybe you swore off this weekend a little too early. Maybe you should just go for it, order the lamb osso bucco and spend some quality time with your wise old friend The Monk (tequila, chartreuse, lemon, white pepper, and honey). 
Does the trick every time.

75 Northern Ave., Fort Point
(617) 982-7220

Price: 3 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Subway: Red Line to South Station
Best bets: Lamb osso bucco; roasted duck tacos; duck fat chicken wings (Sat & Sun only)
Nearby: Tavern Road; Blue Dragon; Trade

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