Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monster's Ball

Brother Cleve's sake cocktails save the planet


Giant monsters rising from the ocean and attacking Boston. Not likely, but it could happen. 
Don't worry — Brother Cleve has an emergency action plan, and it involves sake. 
The legendary mixologist turns doomsday prepper this Saturday night, as he teams with Ebi Sushi's Jose Garcia for a night of sushi, sake, and super-sized monsters. 
As one of the city's preeminent cocktail craftsman, Brother Cleve is something like Godzilla: he doesn't always come out, but when he does, it's sure to make some noise. 
Cleve will be behind the bar serving up sake cocktails to go with a Jose Garcia's sushi selection: think torched squid with Japanese sea salt, braised pork belly on steamed buns, and striped bass ceviche. 
With a drink in your hand, you can relax and enjoy your choice view of the apocalypse, as in the original Japanese language version of the city-stomping classic, Destroy All Monsters.
Never hurts to be prepared.

Brother Cleve's Sake Cocktail Party
Saturday, November 2
Ebi Sushi, 290 Somerville Ave, Union Square
(617) 764-5556

Tickets: $50 here

Nearby: A4 Pizza; Bronwyn; Kirkland Tap & Trotter

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