Monday, January 26, 2015

Welcome to the Underground

Follow this Tunnel to clubbing heaven


It's Saturday night, and you're more than six feet underground. 

Don't panic. This is where it starts getting good. 

You're not rotting, for starters. You're in Tunnel, your new underground lair for beats and bubbly, now open beneath the W Hotel. 

Upon arrival from the hotel via private elevator, you'll find yourself in a dark tunnel. Walk towards the light (all 10-thousand something of them) coming from the custom-made LED system on the ceiling and find yourself in a place that might look like whatever club they have in heaven. 

Only difference is you're no angel, particularly after a couple gin-and-ginger beers (ask for The Big Dig) in your system. 

But you may be able to find a few of them on the dance floor, at which point you should promptly invite them to your table to pop the cork on that magnum of champagne that just arrived. 

Hey, you only live once.

100 Stuart St., Theater District
(617) 357-5005

Subway: Red Line to Park or Green Line to Boylston
Nearby: Abby Lane; Good Life; Market

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