Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No Holds Bar

Bartenders brawl for bragging rights at Moksa


Bartending can be a tough gig. There are rowdy customers, bad tippers, Jon Taffer

And that doesn't even include competing in cocktail-making contests in a boxing ring, as in Monday's Bartender Smackdown at Moksa. 

Mash up a bartending version of Iron Chef with an extreme Japanese game show. Two mixologists (in this case, spirits master Curtis McMillan and Moksa's Tyler Wolters) must use the event's secret ingredient to create the a superior cocktail from inside a boxing ring.

Sounds easy enough? Not quite. In between each of the three rounds, a new obstacle will be introduced to ramp up the difficulty (please be a giant inflatable punching fist) to push one bartender closer to the coveted Shaker of Glory...and the other closer to a night of drinking his pain away. 

Lucky for you, there will be a couple much more peaceful bartenders on hand mixing up drinks to go along with the canned beer and punch (the kind you drink) included with admission

Finally, an appropriate way to celebrate Columbus Day.

Columbus Day Bartender Smackdown
Monday, October 14
Moksa, 450 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square
(617) 661-4900

Tickets: $25 here
Nearby: Veggie Galaxy; Green Street; The Middle East

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