Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Boston's top 3 gamer bars


So you've finally beaten Grand Theft Auto V. Ready to leave your house now? 

Don't hate the player. Just get yourself to these top 3 gamer-friendly bars to hit the continue button.

Tommy Doyle's 
Start a tab, stretch your thumbs, and get settled in for the evening. Tommy Doyle's hosts the weekly Game Over event every Tuesday featuring a TV setup rigged for XBox, Wii, and classic arcade game action, plus a second floor with board and card games for when you run out of lives.
Tuesdays 5p. 96 Winthrop St., Harvard Square (617-864-0655). Free.

A4 Pizza
Beer and pizza are already a dangerously tempting combination. Add video games to the mix and you could be a while. Don't fight the urge: Order one of their award-winning pies, crack open a tall boy at the bar, and take on Soda Popinski playing Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! right from your stool on their jacked-up emulator system loaded with vintage classics.
445 Somerville Ave., Union Square (617-764-4190). Free.

Lanes & Games
Wanna know how your parents made it through all of your grade school birthday parties at the bowling alley? A bar just like the one at newly-expanded Lanes & Games. When not boozing, hit up the fine collection of pinball machines (Addams Family, FTW) and arcade games. Just remember to bring quarters — sugar mama ain't around this time. 
196 Concord Turnpike, Rt. 2 East, Cambridge (617-876-5533).

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