Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Weekend

  • Raise Up: Urban Barn Dance

    Escape to an afternoon of bluegrass music and locally sourced food — without buying the farm. 

    Locavorians: Chefs Jason Bond (Bondir) and Alex Crabb (Asta) serve up a barnworthy farm-based menu. 

    Sun 1-6p. Community Rowing, 20 Nonatum Rd., Brighton (617-779-8267). $75 here.

    Nearby: Brighton Beer Garden; Deviln's; Corrib Pub

  • Wind at Your Back: Fall Foil Sail

    Embrace autumn with this scenic three-hour sailing tour of the Harbor Islands.

    Cruisin: Grab a drink from the cash bar, gaze out onto Spectacle Island, and something profound is bound to happen.

    Sat-Sun noon-3p. Boston Harbor Hotel, 60 Rowes Wharf, Seaport (617-326-3737). $76 here.

    Nearby: Barking Crab; Nebo; Tia's

  • Play It Again, Sam: Best of Bogart

    Explore the filmography of the legend who made smoking jackets cool: Mr. Humphrey Bogart. 

    Featured classics: Watch Bogie's iconic role as private eye Phillip Marlowe in Big Sleep (Sat) and Maltese Falcon (Sun).

    Fri thru Wed Oct 16. The Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St., Harvard Square (617-876-6837). $10. 

    Beat Hotel; Noir; Tasty Burger

  • Diet & Exercise: Bike & Bites

    An otherwise challenging 22-mile bike ride flies by when you make stops to eat farm fresh food and taste local wines. 

    Cool down: The ride is just a warm-up; you'll finish the day with a two-course dinner at Tryst.

    Sun 11a-6p. Quad Cycles, 1043 Massachusetts Ave., Harvard Square (781-641-2227). $40-57 here.

    Nearby: Tango; Scutra; Bistro 5

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