Friday, January 30, 2015

Hair Power

Boston's beards get their own party


First Duck Dynasty blows up. Then Mike Napoli and the Sox take the AL East. 

No matter what you're doing these days, we're pretty sure facial hair helps — especially with getting into the Middle East Downstairs this Saturday for the 3rd Annual Boston Facial Hair Fiasco.

Whether you're sporting a classic Tom Selleck, a grizzled Ryan Gosling, or a full-blown Rick Ross look, this is the event to prove your superiority over the clean-shaven by showcasing your ability to resist the razor for weeks at a time. 

That patience will be rewarded at the Fiasco, with awards for Best Beard (natural and groomed), Best Mustache, Best Freestyle Beard (improv!) and even Best Fake Beard for those who never got past peach fuzz.

If you're in that latter category, maybe the lineup of four local rock bands and the sponsored presence of Narragansett and Sailor Jerry can help jumpstart some hair on your face, sorta like getting slapped in the face with a can of Rogaine. 

Either way, couldn't hurt to try.

Boston Facial Hair Fiasco
Saturday, October 5
Middle East Downstairs, 472 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square
(617) 864-3278

Tickets: $10 here
Nearby: Moksa; Veggie Planet; Green Street

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