Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thinking Bad

Tommy Doyle's cooks up a batch of Breaking Bad


There are only two episodes left of Breaking Bad.

In other words, only two weeks until we pick up the pieces of our mind after it's been blown for the last time.

But before then, you'll need all your faculties in tact for Geeks Who Drink's first-ever Breaking Bad trivia night on Wednesday at Tommy Doyle's in Kendall Square. 

Lucky for you, Mr. White's test is pass/fail. Successfully guide your team of up to six people through eight rounds of questions — ranging from catalytic hydrogenation being protic or aprotic (we always forget) to the secret ingredients in Los Pollos Hermanos chicken (hint: it's not crystal meth) — and they'll be toasting Schraderbraus in your name all night. 

Come up short and, well, maybe you should have paid more attention in high school chemistry, b*tch.

However you end up, just remember: this is one quiz where the "ding-ding!" sound ain't a good thing.

Breaking Bad Trivia
Wednesday, September 25
Tommy Doyle's, 1 Kendall Square, Kendall Square

Price: $5
Nearby: Hungry Mother; Meadhall; Area Four

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