Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pie Hard

Take pies to the face at the Mick Dundee Challenge


Reason #1378 why life is good in Boston: meat pies. 

Yes, it's true
some time in the recent past, we suddenly became a haven for finding big, flaky, freshly-baked meat pies. And that's hardly a bad thing. 

If you haven't been initated to your soon-to-be favorite handheld food delivery system, clear your schedule tonight for the second Mick Dundee Challenge at KO at the Shipyard. 

That's Mick Dundee, as in "
Crocodile," as in "that's not a meat pie. THIS is a meat pie," as in the ultimate game of culinary one-upsmanship, with KO's Samuel "The Saint" Mansour facing off against 11 competitors from the likes of JM Curley, Neptune Oyster, Roxy's, Lincoln Tavern and Saus

Leave your own knife at home. All you'll need are a couple friends to help you take down the 12 mini-pies included with admission, and crown a winning pastry that would make Paul Hogan proud.

Here's to living in marvelous times. 

Mick Dundee Challenge II
Tuesday, August 27
KO at the Shipyard, 256 Marginal St., East Boston
(617) 418-5234

Tickets: $32 here

Nearby: Jerry Remy's; Ecco; D'Amelio's

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