Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chill Factor

Finally, an ice bar you'll warm up to


You aren't on the best terms with ice. In fact, the last time you saw it in winter, you may have screamed at it right in the middle of the street.

Hey, it happens. 
But now that it's August, maybe it's time the two of you made up over a cold drink at Frost Ice Bar, your new favorite booze-stocked igloo opening soon in Faneuil Hall. 
This is a place where cooler heads prevail, literally. Everything at Frost — the world's largest permanent ice bar — is pure ice, chilled to perfection and kept at a nippy 21 degrees at all times.
Fortunately, it's not the kind that may have left you flat on your back in the middle of the sidewalk last December. This is good ice, the kind that looks amazing when carved into tables, chairs, a massive swan sculpture, and miniature Zakim Bridge, not to mention a stocked bar pushing out appropriately cold cocktails and drinks. 
Once you and ice are ready to talk peace, grab an attractive date to mediate, zip up the provided parka and gloves, and step inside. You'll only have time to stay for a drink or two, but that should be enough time to patch things up.
But once December hits, all bets are off. 

Frost Ice Bar
Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Financial District
(617) 307-7331

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 1 (out of 4)
Subway: Green Line to Government Center or Haymarket
Nearby: The Place; City Landing; Saus

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