Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sip to Thrill

Here's to drinking obscenely with Boston's top 5 ridiculously expensive drinks


Between that whole Wicked Single debacle and endless T fare hikes, we're pretty used to ridiculous around here.

But crazy is best served in a cocktail, so let's count down Boston's top 5 expensive and ridic drinks.

Just don't go re-enacting any scenes or yelling at MBTA employees when you drink them all in one night.
This beer will have you howling, and not just at the price. This sour ale is "spontaneously" fermented in French oak casks under a full moon, then re-fermented in the bottle, because it's always better the second time.
$35. Deep Ellum, 477 Cambridge St., Allston (617-787-2337). 

We know commitment can be hard. But before you go throwing down for a bottle, you can dabble in Troquet's unparalleled wine list with sips and swirls by the glass. A 4-oz. pour of this prestige French Bordeaux is all we need for a taste of the high life, and it'll leave us some room for #3... 
$69 for a 4-oz glass. Troquet, 140 Boylston St., Downtown (617-695-9463). 

3. Jose Cuervo 250th Aniversario Tequila at Lolita
This isn't the same Cuervo you dump into the blender for Sunday afternoon margaritas. The Mexican brand's anniversary spirit is for proper celebration only. Like, say, winning it all at a local lucha libre tournament. Or, more realistically, winning every bet in that lucha libre tournament. 
$275. Lolita, 271 Dartmouth St., Back Bay (617-369-5609). 

2. Louis Roeder Cristal Champagne Magnum at Storyville
Everyone should order an obnoxiously huge bottle of champagne at the club at least once, so here's your chance to cross that off your bucket list. Just don't actually kick the champagne bucket, please. The bouncers pounce over less.
$850. Storyville, 90 Exeter St., Back Bay (617-236-1134). 

You just got engaged. Or signed up all your friends for Rundown (good man). Whatever the big occasion is, here's the wine to go with it: a bottle of this stellar six year-old French red, ideally served with a pat on the back.
Abe & Louie's, 793 Boylston St., Back Bay (617-536-6300). $1,250.
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