Thursday, January 29, 2015

Breaking Bread

Fine dining for less than you pay at the dry cleaners during Restaurant Week


Here's a challenge: eat a big meal out every night for a week. 
A few nights in, your stomach may be loving it. But your wallet will more than likely be ready to tap out.

But during Restaurant Week, going from August 18-23 then again August 25-30, anything is possible. 
Now, we don't expect you going to be able to get through all 200 participating restaurants, but there's nothing wrong with trying (after consulting your doctor, naturally).
Over the course of 12 days, Boston's top restos will be serving special prix fixe menus: two-course lunch for $15.13, three-course lunch for $20.13, and three-course dinner for $38.13.
That means the toughest part will be making your pick. Tresca for North End Italian or New York strips at Grill 23? Seafood at B&G Oysters or modern American at Blue Inc.? Talk about a challenge.
But that's nothing compared to the biggest challenge you'll face when it's over: paying full price.

Restaurant Week 2013
Sunday-Friday, August 18-23 & August 25-30

Price: $15.13 to $38.13
Reservations: Here

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