Friday, January 30, 2015

I Love You, Man

Boston's top 5 places to bro down


You've put in plenty of quality time with your lady.

You sat patiently as she tried on shoes last weekend at Saks, accompanied her to more rom-com matinees than you'd like to admit, and yes
you allowed her to drag you to a couples pedicure that one time (we'll keep that one between us).

So now, you could use some dude time. A bro out. 
Whatever you want to call it.

Round up the crew and make it happen with
 Boston's top five man dates.

5. Haircut & Whiskey
Barbershops are male sacred ground, and we may have found our new favorite. Book an afterwork appointment with a buddy for a sharp cut at a discounted price, and kick back with some sponsored love from Bully Boy Distillers.
Monthly on first Wed 5:30-7p. SalonCapri, 11 Newbury St. 2nd Floor, Back Bay (617-236-0020). $40.
4. Belgian Beer Fest    
When you and your college buddies get together, you realize not much has changed. You can still crush beers like no one's business, but now you've traded Natty Light for craft Belgian brews, and funnels for fancy glassware. 
Sat Sep 14 1-4:30p & 6:30-9p. The Cyclorama at Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont St., South End (617-426-5000). $55 here.
Nothing brings guys together like a little competition (or even better, a lot). This eight-hour physical challenge course designed by former Special Forces vets combines military team-building exercises with plenty of pain, dirt, and sweat.
Fri Aug 23 9p. $140 here.
Testosterone-pumped action flicks and raunchy comedies are infinitely more enjoyable from the comfort of a plush leather reclining seat. And when you have a waiter refreshing your Old Fashioned in between car chase scenes? We call that the perfect man date.
55 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill (800-315-4000). 
We found that bigger boat. Recruit a crew and head to the Cape, where you'll get up close and personal with a variety of sharks (yes, great whites included) from the deck or, better yet, while submerged in the shark cage.
Cape Cod Shark Adventures, Chatham (305-395-9140). Starts at $275 here.

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