Sunday, February 1, 2015

Basket Case

The Blue Room and Bon Me host a pop-up picnic in the park


Her expectations during summer can be tough.

You somehow have to balance thoughtful planning with memorable spontaneity. And it has to be under the sun.

To keep things fresh without dropping the ball, you're gonna need some help. You'll need to delegate, just like your horrible boss does.

So let your new friends at The Blue Room and Bon Me plan a summer picnic for you tomorrow night.
Unless you have a special affinity for soggy tuna sandwiches from a cooler and hauling lawn chairs to the park, tomorrow's pop-up dinner at the Greenway's Rings Fountain should erase any bad memories of botched picnics past. 
When you have a Vietnamese street food truck and a creative-minded Mediterranean bistro working together, you can expect something a bit more ambitious. As in a four-course meal of chilled cucumber soup, chicken Galantine, and Bon Me's signature (not soggy) sandwich with sweet and spicy Chinese sausage, plus forbidden rice pudding (which is totally legal, folks) for dessert.  
And with blankets already provided, that brings the number of things you have to worry about officially down to zero. 
So now you can just focus on what you do best.

Picnic Pop Up
Wednesday, July 31
Rings Fountain, Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, Financial District

Tickets: $25-30 here
Nearby: City Landing; The Palm; Nebo

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