Sunday, February 1, 2015


Take an adult field trip with Boston Rock Gym


The field trip. 

It was awesome in third grade and it's still awesome now, just a lot harder to fit in your schedule between work and trying to find a torrent of the new Jay-Z album. 

But Boston Rock Gym's One Day Escape is the most fun you can have without a permission slip. 

Think grade school field trip, minus the steaming hot yellow school bus. And the naggy old chaperones. And that kid who didn't just eat his boogers, but insisted you watch.

In other words, just the good parts.

You'll start by meeting up at Hammond Pond in Chestnut Hill, where an instructor runs through the basics of climbing equipment and technique in case it's been a while since you've seen a north face that wasn't on a jacket.

While you'll spend the afternoon climbing in the sunshine at Hammond Park, we recommend extending an invitation to your recently engaged fifth grade crush, just to show her she should have known better than to overlook you at age 12.

The one thing mercifully missing from this field trip? A soggy PB&J brown bag lunch. Instead, you'll be treated to a gourmet picnic lunch from Tryst chef Paul Turano's forthcoming Newton restaurant Cook.   

Don't worry, you can always go play with the Jay-Z app when you get back.

Boston Rock Gym One Day Escape
Saturday, July 20
Hammond Pond, Hammond Park Parkway, Newton
(781) 935-7325

Price: $65, call to register
Nearby: Legal Sea Foods; Showcase SuperLux Cinema; Shake Shack

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