Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Scoop to Thrill

An ice cream truck for adults at the Four Seasons


Admit it: You miss the ice cream truck. Maybe not the annoying lullaby music, but everything else.
And if it were socially acceptable to chase it down at full sprint while dodging traffic in a business suit, we'd all be off and running (and we might even beat this epic #selfie). 
Fortunately, there's a more adult way to indulge in some childhood memories: the pop-up ice cream parlor at The Four Seasons.
Maybe you've lost a step since your truck-chasing prime, so try strolling into the Four Seasons and loading up on 13 different combinations from Gifford's Local Ice Cream. 
Indulge in nostalgia one scoop at a time. Reenact those epic ice cream eating contests with the Kitchen Sink (five scoops of various flavors) or cozy up to a crush in the Common with the Chocolate Lover's Chocolate (chocolate ice cream, truffles, cake crunch, and fudge ripple). 
And since the pop-up runs through September, walk, don't run. 

Four Seasons Scoops
Wednesdays-Sundays through September 8
Four Seasons, 200 Boylston St., Downtown 
(617) 338-4400

Nearby: Revere Hotel; Bistro du Midi; jm Curley

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