Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spin Cycle

Clubbing meets cycling at The Handle Bar


We know you're tired of the gym. Because we are, too, this time of year.

We're tired of the same old playlist (AC/DC...again), the same old routine (bench press...again), and the old, worn-out equipment (under repair...again).

Meet The Handle Bar, opening this week in South Boston — where state-of-the-art equipment, professional instructors, and (bonus) an attractive female clientele work out to real DJs spinning live.
Yep. Real DJs.

Their beats fill the 1,700 square-foot fitness center, already stocked with 30 new Schwinn AC Sport bikes, with a view onto Dorchester Ave. thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows.
Such a modern facility calls for a modern workout. Led by an experienced team of athletes and personal trainers, high-energy spin classes (45 or 60 minutes) incorporate weighted bars for upper body strength and allow riders to individually adjust their difficulty level. 
The only problem? Figuring out what to do with those expensive headphones you just bought for working out. 
They won't be required here, where the soundproof studio takes advantage of a sound system that would rival a downtown club as a rotating guest list of DJs spin live mixes during class on select dates.
Don't wear that tired old T-shirt. This is the kind of place where you might meet a workout partner.

The Handle Bar
141 Dorchester St. #101, South Boston

Price: Single classes $20 each; packages $95 and up

Nearby: Amsterdam Cafe; Stats; Lincoln 

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