Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aussie Rules

Meat pies and manly macchiatos meet in the West End


The Hemsworth brothers. Russell Crowe. Eric Bana.

They've all had roles in superhero movies, they all have those awesome Australian accents, and they're all bigger and stronger and richer than we are.

Like all success stories, theirs starts at breakfast. No, not some gluten-free low-fat blueberry scones with an almond-milk latte. Down Under, coffee and meat pies go together like shrimp and the barbie, as seen at Cuppa Coffee, now open in the West End.
Think of the meat-based pastries as the Australian answer to Dunkin' Donuts, with pastries coming in steak & cheese, spicy thai chicken, and mince meat varieties.

But these ain't just breakfast treats. Ask the Aussie heroes and they'll tell you: getting big requires eating big, and that means a little shepherd's pie before noon is a-okay. 
While these pies are meant to be enjoyed in the stands during a roaring game of Aussie Rules football, you can relax in the cozy cafe space sipping a flat white — a typically strong Australian latte — or affogatto (espresso over ice cream) with a lunch date as you try to convince her that you're actually a distant, long-lost member of the Hemsworth clan.
With a mouthful of pie, you might just sound like you have an Aussie accent.

Cuppa Coffee
1 Merrimac St., West End
(617) 248-0011

Price: 1 (out of 4)
Noise: 1 (out of 4)
Subway: Green Line to Haymarket
Best bets: Mince meat pie; curry vegetable pie; flat white coffee
Nearby: Flat Iron Tapas Bar; The North Star; The Boxer

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