Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quentin's Chronicles

Tarantino takes over the Brattle Theatre


Can you imagine a world without Quentin Tarantino? 
Had the former video store clerk never turned into a prolific writer/director, Uma Thurman wouldn't be a ninja assassin, Samuel L. Jackson's best role might still be Jurassic Park, and no one would have any idea what "the Gimp" was.

We can imagine not knowing that last one. But otherwise we're thankful things turned out with Tarantino on top, and this week is the time to celebrate the baddest mother***** in all of cinema at the Brattle Theatre.

In a nod to the director's self-referential films, "The Tarantino Chronicles" showcases double features throughout the week, pairing one of Tarantino's classics with a movie that helped influence its creation

That means you can catch echoes of Stanley Kubrick's time-splicing caper flick The Killing alongside Reservoir Dogs, or watch Pam Grier transform from gun-toting gangster girl Foxy Brown circa 1974 to gun-toting flight attendant Jackie Brown in 1997.

And nothing says "early Father's Day" like watching Sam Jackson get into a shootout over burgers, or watching Lee Marvin and Brad Pitt chew scenery with a vengeance in The Dirty Dozen and Inglorious Basterds.

Just hope you don't get seated next to the Gimp.

The Tarantino Chronicles
Wednesday, June 5 thru Thursday, June 13
The Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St., Harvard Square
(617) 876-6837

Tickets: $7-$12 here
Nearby: The Sinclair; Border Cafe; Charlie's Kitchen

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