Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sticky Wicket

Hit Wicket takes you out to the cricket yard


There just isn't enough baseball. We're always craving more.

So let us introduce you to another fast-twitch sport to fill the gaps.

Yes, we're talking about falling in love with cricket — trust us here — at Hit Wicket, opening by the end of this week in Inman Square.

Maybe the last time you saw a bunch of paddle-wielding guys in beekeeper masks and wool sweaters was initiation night at your frat. If so, refer to the handy cricket rules cheat sheet provided at every table and booth inside the 100-person capacity dining room.

Just don't pick up the cricket gear from the walls and try to demonstrate your wicked googly (like a fastball).

Once you've found a squad of tail-enders and pie-chuckers to support, kick back with a Sticky Wicket cocktail (salty caramel vodka, Glenfiddich and salted rim), a 23-oz. pour of Jack's Abbey Leisure Time Lager, or one of 18 bottled beers and get to sledging, or talking trash, to your rivals.

Even in the absence of an England v. India grudge match, there's plenty reason to stop in — like a menu featuring Jamaican jerk-rubbed chicken wings, Aussie meat pies, Pakistani lamb kebabs and the delicious-looking South African Bunny Chow (served in a bread bowl and made with vegetables and chicken).

Won't find that at Fenway.

Hit Wicket
1172 Cambridge St., Inman Square
(617) 945-9259

Price: 2 (out of 4)
Noise: 2 (out of 4)
Subway: Red Line to Central Square
Best bets: Down Under sausage; crispy rice crepes; lamb kebab
Nearby: Tupelo; Casa Portugal; All-Star Sandwich Bar

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