Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Soul Revival

Soulelujah! spills over into The Middle East


'80s movies, snapback hats, and your last one-night stand... things are old until they are new again.

Add to the list vinyl records, back in a big way next week at the expanded edition of Soulelujah!

The soul-powered weekly Saturday party at ZuZu in Central Square doesn't care what the kids are listening to on their fancy new iPads these days. This night is strictly about the sweet vintage snap-crackle-pop of funky 45s from Marvin, Martha, Mavis, and Motown.

One thing that's not cool in any decade? Long lines. 

Thankfully, those should be a thing of the past when Soulelujah partners with sister restaurant and next door neighbor The Middle East to open a second room (with another DJ and its own bar) to welcome the guaranteed overflow crowd until 2a.

Unless you want to take "Dancing in the Streets" literally, this is great news in any era.

Starting Saturday, June 1
ZuZu, 474 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square
(617) 864-3278

Price: $5
Nearby: Veggie Galaxy; Naga; Phoenix Landing

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